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Areas of Practice

At River Heights Physiotherapy in Winnipeg we provide individualized physiotherapy assessments and treatments for people of all ages and activity levels

Muscle and Joint Pain Motor Vehicle Accidents Myofascial Pain
Sports Injuries Work Injuries Headaches
Neck and Back Pain Arthritis Repetive Strain Injuries
Strains and Sprains Post-Fracture Nerve Injuries
Tendinitis/Tendinosis Pre and Post-Surgical Neurological Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists have advanced training and experience in the following areas:

TMJ/Jaw Pain                        Biomechanical Foot Assessments Acupuncture                                      
Vestibular Treatment Custom Orthotics Osteoporosis



Orthopaedic Physical Therapy: This is the branch of physiotherapy concerned with the assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system (which is made up of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones of the body) that has been subject to injury or trauma. This includes sprains, strains, post fracture, post surgery and repetitive injuries. The areas of the body include the neck and back as well the extremities.  Learn more.


TMJ/Jaw pain: Tempero-mandibular joint disorders or TMD are a group of medical problems related to the jaw. Our physiotherapists have advanced training in asessing and treating this group of disorders that include muscle pain, joint disorders, and degeneration. Learn more.


Balance/Vertigo: Vestibular assessment and treatment is a type of physiotherapy that focuses on balance disorders with or without the symptoms of dizziness and spinning. Theses symptoms may come from age related changes, inner ear damage/disorders and/or head injuries/concussions. At River Heights Physiotherapy we have physiotherapists that have taken advanced training in the feild of Vestibular Rehab and have 10+ years of experience treating these disorders. Learn more.


Acupuncture: At River Heights Physiotherapy in Winnipeg all of our physiotherapists are trained and licensed to perform acupuncture. They are trained in Anatomical Acupuncture, a western approach to acupuncture. They treat musculoskeletal conditions and choose acupuncture points based on the muscle, nerve, tendon, or ligament they want to stimulate. Our physiotherapists often use acupuncture as valuable part of your physiotherapy treatment. Learn more.

River Heights Physiotherapy also has a Traditional Chinese Acupuncurist who can assess and treat a variety of health conditions. The goal of TCM Acupuncture is to restore the proper flow of QI/energy throughout the body's meridians/energy channels to improve the body's balance and encourage a natural healing response. Learn more.


Custom Foot Orthotics:  Custom-made orthotics keep the foot in its most efficient alignment and movement pattern, allowing the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work at 100% efficiency, prevent injury, relieve pain and increase efficiency. Book your appointment.


Osteoporosis:  Our physiotherapists can help you strengthen your bones, as well as your muscles. You can prevent bone thinning, reduce falls, improve posture, and help manage any pain.  Physiotherapists can guide you to appropriate activity to prevent fractures as well as while recovering from fractures. Learn more.


Joint Repalacements:  The most common joint replacements are done for the Hip and Knee but physiotherapists are trained to manage any joint injury surgery. Before or after surgery our physiotherapists can give you exercises, provide manual therapy and thorough education for a speedy recovery. Learn more.


Neurological Rehabilitation:One-on-one treatment for conditions such as stroke or MS.


Massage:  Massage therapy can relax your muscles, ease pain, improve posture and circulation, and reduce stress. At River Heights Physiotherapy we have Registered Massage Therapists to provide you with massage therapy services. Most Extended Health Care insurance plans cover massage therapy.  Book your appointment.



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