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Megan Silcox, Physiotherapist

Megan graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2005. After a short time working in part-time positions in both the hospital and private practice, she moved into full-time private practice at the Pan Am Clinic, where she stayed for over seven years. There she gained lots of experience treating patients of all ages and activity levels, with both acute and chronic conditions. In 2012, Megan, her husband, and their trusty dog, Flint left Winnipeg for Peru, where they spent two adventurous years and became fluent in Spanish. They returned in late 2014 along with their baby girl.

Over the years, Megan has pursued continuing education in many fields including manual therapy, exercise prescription, neuropathic pain, biomechanical foot assessments and custom foot orthotics. She is also licensed to practice acupuncture and prefers to use a multi-faceted approach to helping her patients recover from injury to their full potential. Megan enjoys the teaching aspect of her profession and believes strongly in the value of educating her patients about their condition/injury, helping them take ownership of their recovery and play an active role in it. Outside of her Physiotherapy work, Megan is also a certified instructor of infant massage with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

In keeping with her choice of profession, Megan's hobbies have always centered around active living. In recent years, road cycling has become her go-to activity, though she can also be found running, practicing yoga, competing in adventure races and walking around River Heights while pushing the stroller with one hand and holding the dog leash in the other. Travelling is another passion Megan shares with her husband and they take every opportunity they can to visit new places.

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