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Osteoporosis and Exercise. Are you doing the right kind of exercise?

Exercise is essential in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.  If you have osteoporosis, aerobic exercise is not enough. Various forms of exercise are needed to increase muscle strength, improve balance and posture, or maintain bone mass.  

Barb Webb, one of the physiotherapists at River Heights Physiotherapy, has advanced training in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Her are some of her recommendations.

1. In weight-bearing aerobic activity, bones and muscles of the legs and trunk work against the force of gravity while they bear the weight of the body.

2. Strength training used to make the bones and muscles work by lifting, pushing or pulling a load. Strength training  may increase

spine and hip bone mineral density.

3. Posture training is essential to prevent "kyphosis" or rounding of the spine.

4. Balance training is used to prevent falls, hence prevent fractures.

If you have osteoporosis AND have had a spine fracture, all of the above forms of training are still important. 

Start by speaking with physiotherapist Barb Webb  to ensure you are choosing safe and appropriate physical activities for you.

To read more, follow this link to Osteoporosis Canada.

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