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How to prevent knee surgery

The idea of needing a joint surgery is very daunting.  Do you have knee osteoarthritis, suffer from pain but want to delay or avoid  surgery? Many studies show you can! All you need to do is see a physiotherpist!

Deyle et al 2000 showed that a 4 week course of manual therapy (hands on treatments done by a physiotherapist) and a supervised exercise program delayed or eliminated the need for surgery in many patients with knee osteoarthiritis.

Exercise is medicine. A recent review of many studies on knee osteoarthritis and exercise concludes that high-quality evidence supports the notion that therapeutic exercises provide short-term and long-term benefit with respect to reducing knee pain and disability. (Fransen M et al 2015)

Roos EM, Dahlberg L. 2005 showed that phyiotherapy can improve the quality of knee cartilage! Subjects who performed specific strength and motor control exercises 3 times per week for 4 months significantly improved the quality of their knee cartilage.

If you have knee osteoarthritis see our physios! They can provide manual therapy and other proven treatments. They customize the  right individualized exercise program to keep you doing the things you love and keep you out of the operating room!

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