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Physiotherapy Assessment

At River Heights Physiotherapy in Winnipeg, before treatment is provided, an individualized assessment is done to diagnose your condition. A subjective history of the present injury is taken by the physiotherapist. This includes determining your main goals of treatment. Then, a thorough objective assessment of the area of injury, and any other areas of the body that are needed to diagnose and treat the condition are performed. Based on the assessment, your physiotherapist will design an individualized treatment and home program to meet your goals.


Types of Treatment Provided by our Physiotherapists:

Exercise: Physiotherapists are exercise specialists. We prescribe specific, targeted exercise programs from a therapeutic level to advanced training. We can also provide general exercise programs to meet your flexibility, strength, or cardiovascular fitness goals. Specialized instruction in Pilates and yoga are available.

Manual Therapy: Hands-on treatment for joints and soft tissue. All of our therapists have taken advanced education courses on variety of specific, effective hands-on treatment techniques for the whole body.  This may include localized massage, joint mobilizations or manipulations (low amplitude), myofascial release and other soft-tissue treatment.

Acupuncture: All of our therapists have advanced training and certification in Anatomical Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an effective tool for reducing pain, inflammation, reducing muscle tension, and normalizing the nervous system. Please click this link for more information about acupuncture.

Education:We will help you to understand your condition and the factors contributing to it. We teach self-management to allow you to take control of your pain.

Therapeutic Modalities: Ultrasound, TENS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), heat, ice, and traction are sometimes used to help to meet your goals and speed your recovery.

Orthotics: One of our therapists is highly trained and experienced at assessing foot bio-mechanics and creating custom inserts or orthotics for your shoes.

Taping:Various styles of therapeutic taping can be used to protect an injured area or to facilitate proper movement and function of a joint or muscle.







Approach to Treatment

Goal Oriented

We create your treatment plan based on your goals. We work with you to prioritize your problems and identify the treatment or process that will maximize your response to one or several of your problem areas at the same time. We provide evidence based treatment and education focused on what is supported in the scientific literature.

Treatment of the Cause - Not Just the Symptoms

We do a detailed assessment to determine the root cause of your condition. We provide you with the knowledge to manage your symptoms and prevent their recurrence.

Minimum Treatments for Maximum Gain

Your treatment plan will be designed to reap the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of treatment and disruption to your lifestyle.

Commitment throughout your Life Stages

We can help you to improve your health at any age. You are encouraged to come in for regular assessments in order to prevent problems or to minimize the effects of existing problems, for example at the beginning of golf season.


We work with your massage therapist, physician, dentist (if applicable), chiropractor, personal fitness trainer other specialists to assist in maximum recovery or prevention.






Your first appointment

How much time?

An initial assessment usually requires an hour of your time.

What to bring?

Your physician's name and number, list of current medications, the names and contact numbers of other healthcare professionals you may be consulting, t-shirt and shorts (clinic gowns, shorts and muscle shirts are also available). Running shoes may also be required.

What should you expect to happen?

Information regarding your present health status and present complaints will be taken by your physiotherapist. The appointment begins with a thorough interview about the history and nature of your problem. The physical examination analyzes your movement and posture. The involved joints and muscles are measured for strength, range of movement and the source of any pain.

What will you leave with?

An understanding of your condition, how you can start to manage it and a guideline as to how many visits your treatment may take.

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