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Areas of Practice

At River Heights Physiotherapy in Winnipeg we provide individualized physiotherapy assessments and treatments for people of all ages and activity levels. 

Muscle and Joint Pain Tendonitis/Tendinosis Headaches
Sports Injuries Repetitive Strain Injuries Hand Injuries
Neck and Back Pain Arthritis Nerve injuries
Strains and Sprains Post-Fracture Neurological Rehabilitation
Work Injuries Pre and Post-Surgical Case Management
Motor Vehicle Accidents Myofascial Pain Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our physiotherapist have advanced training and experience in the following areas:

TMJ/Jaw Pain                        Biomechanical Foot Assessments Acupuncture                                      
Vestibular Treatment Custom Orthotics Osteoporosis

Exercise Programs

We offer special instruction in Pilates and Yoga. We have physiotherapists who can teach one-on-one specialized Pilates or yoga home programs. We sometimes runs sessions of yoga or Pilates classes. Check our blog to see we have any classes coming up.

The Physiotherapists at River Heights Physiotherapy are highly trained to design cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility programs to meet your needs. We take into account your medical history and prescribe exercise from the beginning stages of rehab, to competitive sports, and every stage in between. 

Sports Physiotherapy Assessment

Individualized bio-mechanical assessment for athletes. We assess for muscle imbalances, flexibility, strength, stability, and sport specific agility and coordination to determine potential causes of injury. Appropriate for an athlete with an existing injury or an athlete looking to prevent injury. Based on our findings we can design a preventive exercise program or provide written and verbal communication with your personal trainer.

Neurological Rehabilitation

One-on-one treatment for conditions such as stroke or MS.

Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation

Exercise prescription and conditioning for individuals with Heart Disease and Lung Diseases (COPD, Cystic Fibrosis).

Massage Therapy

At River Heights Physiotherapy we have a Licensed Massage Therapist to provide you with massage therapy services. Most Extended Health Care insurance plans cover massage therapy.

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