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  • Mandy Connell Physiotherapist/

  • Barb Webb Physiotherapist

  • Angela Asselin Massage Therapist

  • Lisa Baldwinson Physiotherapist

  • Megan Silcox Physiotherapist

  • Ewelina Fiedur Physiotherapist

At River Heights Physiotherapy in Winnipeg we provide Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy 

Providing outstanding, individualized physiotherapy services in River Heights for 15 years.

If you don’t have time for pain or injury to slow you down, or if you or a family member are limited in your favourite activities, we want to work with you to help you feel better!

Whatever your age or level of physical fitness we will inspire you, educate you, and help you reach your goals.

Physiotherapists are injury management experts. We are highly trained to assess and treat your whole body.  We assess how your body moves, determine the cause of your pain, provide a solution, and teach you how to prevent recurrence.

We provide you with a professional, friendly environment, and excellent one-on-one care in our private treatment rooms.

Our focus is on manual/hands-on therapy and customized exercise programs, giving you the tools to manage your everyday health and wellness.

  • No physician referral required
  • Services covered by Extended Health Care plans
  • We direct bill to Blue Cross, WCB and MPI
  • Appointments available 7am to 7pm before your work day starts or well after
  • Massage Therapy available on Saturday
  • Free parking


Muscle and Joint Pain
Sports Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Hand Injuries
Neck and Back Pain
Nerve injuries
Strains and Sprains
Neurological Rehabilitation
Work Injuries
Pre and Post-Surgical
Case Management
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Myofascial Pain
Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our physiotherapist have advanced training and experience in the following areas:

TMJ/Jaw Pain                       
Bio-mechanical Foot Assessments
Vestibular Treatment
Custom Orthotics

Our Physiotherapists offer instruction in Pilates and Yoga

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Recent Blog Posts

The idea of needing a joint surgery is very daunting.  Do you have knee osteoarthritis, suffer from pain but want to delay or avoid  surgery? Many studies show you can! All you need to do is see a physiotherpist! Deyle et al 2000 showed that a 4 week course of manual therapy (hands on treatments done by a physiotherapist) and a supervised exercise program delayed or eliminated the need for surgery in many patients with knee osteoarthiritis. Exercise is medici...
Posted on 2017-02-08
May is Physiotherapy Month. Walk right in for a free pedometer in honour of Physiothearpy Month. We want to help keep you moving! What better way than to start tracking your steps. Once you know how many steps you take on average in a day, set a goal to increase your steps by 500 steps per day, until you reach 10 000 steps in a day. 10 000 steps a day equals about 5 miles.  What a terrific way to imporve your health and enjoy our beautiful Manitoba spring! 
Posted on 2016-05-06
One of our physios was out giving massages to raise funds for the Rehab Center for Children. This amazing annual community event is held at Robert H. Smith School in River Heights. Students, staff, local businesses and communtiy members come together to provide a pancake breakfast, coffee, tea, entertainment, massages, hair styling, manicures and much more. As usual it was a truly enjoyable morning! Way to go Robert H. Smith!
Posted on 2016-03-04
Women’s hearts are different than men’s. Women experience different symptoms than men. Many women do not have intense chest pain like men. They tend to have more “silent" heart attacks. Symptoms are often described as a less serious condition like the flu or indigestion, and may appear a month or even a year in advance. Symptoms in women one month before a heart attack can include: sleep disturbance, unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, indigestion, anxiety, heart racing, and...
Posted on 2016-02-03
If you are like the average person you spend  2-4 hours per day bent over your cell phone. That means you are spending at least 700-1400 hours per year with your head tilted down and your shoulders rounded forward. This dramatically increases the workload on your neck muscles and can create incremental stress on your neck and upper back tendons, ligaments and discs. An adult head weighs 10-12 pounds in the neutral position. When your head tilts forward 15 degrees, the forces seen by your ne...
Posted on 2016-01-13